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Kickstart Your Civilian Career Journey! Our streamlined Career Checklist guides you through essential steps, from assessing your skills to securing job offers. Ignite your passion for growth and connect with leading employers eager to value your expertise. Take action now—your new career awaits!

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Dive into our curated events designed for veterans transitioning to civilian careers. From virtual job fairs to networking sessions, each event is a stepping stone to your next opportunity. Connect with potential employers, gain valuable insights, and propel your career forward. Explore our events today and start building your future!


Job Search

Find the Perfect Job with Tailored Searches! Our customized job search tool is specifically designed for veterans transitioning into civilian roles. Filter by Military Friendly status, location, industry, and your unique skills to access job listings that best match your profile. Start searching smarter and land your ideal job faster.


Get Hired Checklist

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    Kick-off your journey to a rewarding civilian career by signing up. Gain full access to resources tailored for veterans and military spouses.

  • Step 1

    Get Hired Workshop

    Enhance your job search skills with our workshop designed to prepare you for the civilian job market.

  • Step 2

    Self Assessment

    Identify your strengths, skills, and interests to find career paths that align with your capabilities and aspirations.

  • Step 3

    Research Locations

    Explore potential living and working locations to find the perfect match for your next chapter.

  • Step 5

    Discover Companies

    Learn about employers who are committed to hiring veterans and understand the value you bring to their teams.

  • Step 6

    Write Your Resume

    Craft a resume that highlights your military experience and skills in a way that resonates with civilian employers.

  • Step 7

    Create a Cover Letter

    Develop compelling cover letters that introduce you to potential employers and showcase your qualifications.

  • Step 8

    Apply for Jobs

    Take the next step by applying for job opportunities that interest you.

  • Step 9

    Attend Virtual Job Fairs

    Connect with employers, network with peers, and discover new opportunities at our virtual job fairs.

  • Step 10

    Get Your Offer

    Celebrate your success when you receive job offers and prepare for the next stage in your career.

  • Get Hired!

    Grow Your Career

    Secure your position and continue to advance your career through ongoing learning and professional development.

Quickly Build Your Resume & Cover Letter

Effortlessly Transition Your Military Skills into a Civilian Career! Our AI-powered tool specializes in transforming your military experience into a compelling civilian resume and cover letter. Capture Attention with professionally tailored documents that speak directly to employers. Generate Interest by highlighting your unique skills and experiences. Create Desire by showcasing how your military background makes you the ideal candidate. Act Now—start building your standout resume and cover letter in just a few clicks and move closer to your career goals!


Military Friendly Companies Looking to Hire You

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Our culture emphasizes family and support, which is familiar for all military personnel. Use our Military Base jobs map to find career opportunities near whichever base you or your loved one is located at.

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